Tamales are our thing. Well, they’re one of our things with lots of different flavors! Our recipes date back nearly a century, but that’s young compared to the tamales themselves which were known as foods of the Aztec civilization and have kept Mexican and Latino families happy and full for generations since.

Today our recipes and tamale technique are taught to our Tamale Pros by our own Chef-Author Carlotta Flores who along with her family owns El Charro Cafe in AZ, considered the oldest Mexican restaurant in America and one of the country’s best Mexican eateries for decades!

Chef Carlotta learned tamale making from her great aunt “Tia Monica" and has created over 2 dozen signature recipes with more under development! Chef Carlotta has always said that tamales are the perfect takeout food as all you have to do is take them out of your fridge or freezer, heat and enjoy!

And with Tamale of the Month these gluten-free all natural delicacies of taste are just a click or two away!

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