Tamale of the Month Subscription

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$54.95 / month

  • Chef’s choice of recipe (view this month’s recipe)
  • Orders ship out on Tuesdays (order by 12pm Monday)
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32 reviews for Tamale of the Month Subscription

  1. Amanda Trock

    These tamales allow me to have a taste of home from across the country and they also make the perfect gift for family and friends. The packaging is perfect; the tamales are chilled, extremely fresh and come with complimentary sauces to make them even more delicious! We are looking forward to continuing our tradition of enjoying them around the holidays and throughout the year now that these are available!

  2. Anne

    These tamales are amazingly delicious, vegan , gluten-free, & non-gmo. The sauce was perfect. Deliciosas

  3. Ricardo

    What brand masa do you use for non GMO

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